About us

Sometimes, you just need somebody with a new perspective... 

Efficient Systems & Computing (ES&C) is a technical consulting firm serving clients worldwide, with main offices in the north-eastern United States. We have varied skills and resources especially suited for tackling interdisciplinary problems encountered in engineering and scientific R&D. We deliver innovative and accurate solutions at a very reasonable cost. We are constantly expanding our competencies, so please check our website or follow us for updates. 

Areas of expertise or competence:

Mathematical methods and computing
- Applied Mathematics
- Data Analysis and Advanced Statistics
- Optimization 
- Computational Neuroscience
- Signal and Image Processing 
- Bioinformatics 
- Complex Systems
- Econometrics
- Scientific and Technical Computing (MATLAB, LabVIEW, R,..) 
- Systems Modeling, Simulation, and Design (Modelica, Simulink, Xcos..)

Engineering physics  
- Physics
- Optics and optoelectronics
- Laser Beam Straightness and Pointing Stability
- Sensors
- Test and Measurement: Experimental Design, Optimization, DAQ, Instrumentation, Automation, Calibration  
- PID Control

Life sciences  
- Radiation Science and Radiation Biology
- Laboratory Techniques in Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Histology and Histochemistry, Pharmacology, Microscopy, and Stereology

- Our staff are fluent in English, German, Chinese, French, and Arabic.

- Our core team has basic familiarity with Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace (propulsion, satellite systems), and Systems Engineering (reliability, validation and verification,..), physical property testing, CMM Technology, and thermal and fluid sciences, among other fields.
- We can draw on the expertise of a network of affiliated and unaffiliated specialists in other areas and domains if needed.

Initial problem assessment at no cost
The first 40 hours are always 50% off

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